§ 119.01  DEFINITIONS.
   Whenever used in this chapter the following words shall mean:
   ACTIVE ON THE TNC DISPATCH SYSTEM. includes but is not limited to: when the driver is logged onto the transportation network company (TNC) application dispatch system showing that the driver is available to pick up passengers; when a passenger is in the vehicle; or when the driver has accepted a ride request and is en route to provide transportation services to a passenger.
   COMPENSATION. Remuneration or anything of economic value that is provided, promised, or donated primarily in exchange for services rendered. This includes, but is not limited to voluntary donations, fee-sharing between a taxicab or transportation network company and an affiliated driver, and passenger, advertisement of a taxicab service company or transportation network company services.
   LICENSE. A transportation network company license.
   LICENSING OFFICIALS. The officials designated to supervise the licensing and consumer services functions provided by this Chapter.
   LICENSEE OR TRANSPORTATION NETWORK LICENSEE. The holder of, or a person that is required to hold, a transportation network company license issued pursuant to this chapter.
   OPERATION OF A TRANSPORTATION NETWORK VEHICLE OR OPERATING A TRANSPORTATION NETWORK VEHICLE. Offering, making available, or using a transportation network vehicle to provide a transportation network service, including any time when a driver is logged onto the transportation network provider's internet-enabled application or digital platform showing that the driver is available to pick up passengers; when a passenger is in the vehicle; when the provider's records show that the vehicle is en route; or when the driver has accepted a ride request and is in route to provide a transportation network service to a passenger.
   PASSENGER. An individual being transported for compensation in an authorized TNC vehicle.
   PLACE OF BUSINESS IN THE CITY OF MANCHESTER. A location within 12 miles of Manchester City Hall where (1) the city may send, and the licensee shall accept, notices of hearing or other notices from the city; and (2) a place where records required by this chapter may be viewed and copied.
   PREARRANGED RIDE. A period of time that begins when a driver accepts a requested ride through a digital network, continues while the driver transports the rider in a personal vehicle, and ends when the rider departs from the vehicle. Transportation network driver: An individual affiliated with a transportation network company, authorized to transport passengers for compensation using an authorized transportation network company vehicle.
   PREARRANGED TRANSPORTATION SERVICE. A transportation service that is offered and accepted through a licensee's internet-enabled application or digital platform before the transportation commences.
   RIDESHARE. The traveling of two or more persons by any mode of private passenger vehicle, including, but not limited to, carpooling, vanpooling, or bus pooling to any location incidental to another purpose of the driver for which compensation is neither accepted, collected, encouraged, promoted, or requested, and for which the primary purpose of the driver cannot be profit or revenue based.
   TNC. Transportation Network Company.
   TRADE DRESS. The unique visual element associated with a transportation network company that is attached to a vehicle affiliated with a TNC so the public and passengers can identify the vehicle as being associated with that particular TNC. Trade dresses are mandatory and must be approved by the licensing official.
   TRANSPORTATION NETWORK COMPANY (TNC). A person or entities affiliated with TNC drivers that provide transportation application services via one unique transportation application system to connect TNC endorsed drivers with passengers for the transport of passengers for compensation and meeting the licensing requirements of § 119.20 and any other requirements under this chapter.
   TRANSPORTATION NETWORK COMPANY (TNC) ENDORSED DRIVER. A for-hire driver affiliated with and accepting trips requested through a licensed transportation network company, while operating a personal vehicle he or she owns with a TNC vehicle endorsement. A TNC endorsed driver is someone who has been screened and approved by a licensed TNC and meets the requirements of this chapter.
   TRANSPORTATION NETWORK COMPANY (TNC) REPRESENTATIVE. The person or persons that a transportation network company has authorized to:
      (1)   File applications, rates and charges on behalf of the TNC;
      (2)   Receive and accept all correspondence and notices from the city pertaining to the TNC, or to affiliated drivers operating within the TNC; and
      (3)   Forward any correspondence, notices and/or legal process received by the TNC and intended for an affiliated driver operating within the TNC.
   TRANSPORTATION NETWORK COMPANY (TNC) ENDORSED VEHICLE. A privately owned vehicle endorsed by the affiliated TNC and authorized to provide for hire services within their network. A TNC endorsed vehicle has been inspected, and approved by a licensed TNC company representative, and meets the requirements of this chapter.
   TRANSPORTATION NETWORK COMPANY (TNC) VEHICLE ENDORSEMENT. An endorsement for a personal vehicle that allows a TNC endorsed driver to use the endorsed vehicle to affiliate with a transportation network company to provide for-hire transportation to passengers via a transportation application system. The endorsement demonstrates that the vehicle has met the minimum operating requirements as set forth in this chapter.
   TRANSPORTATION NETWORK SERVICE. A prearranged transportation service offered or provided for compensation using an internet-enabled application or digital platform to connect potential passengers with transportation network drivers.
   WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE TRANSPORTATION NETWORK VEHICLE. A transportation network vehicle that a person in a wheelchair may enter and exit independently or with assistance while seated in a wheelchair. A wheelchair accessible transportation network vehicle shall safely secure and restrain the wheelchair, and shall comply with all applicable standards provided by law for wheelchair accessible vehicles.
(Ord. passed 5-3-16)