General Provisions
   73.01   Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
   73.02   Implied consent
   73.03   Physical control of vehicle while under the influence
   73.04   Driving commercial vehicle with impaired alertness or ability; use of drugs
   73.05   Reckless operation of vehicles
   73.06   Reckless operation off streets and highways; competitive operation
   73.07   Operator to be in reasonable control
   73.08   Immobilizing or disabling device violation
   73.09   Street racing defined; prohibited on public highways
   73.10   Speed limits
   73.11   Slow speed or stopping
   73.12   Emergency vehicles excepted from speed limitation
   73.13   Speed regulations on bridges
   73.14   Presenting false name or information to officer
   73.15   Prohibition against resisting officer
   73.16   Operation restricted for mini-trucks and low-speed, under-speed, or utility vehicles
Stopping After Accident
   73.30   Failure to stop after accident
   73.31   Stopping after accident on other than public roads or highways
   73.32   Accident involving damage to realty
   73.33   Failure to report accident
Statutory reference:
Notice of arrest of certain commercial drivers, see R.C. § 5577.14