Each of the following properties situated within the corporate limits of the village is designated to be a “park” for the purposes of this chapter:
   (A)   13 Acres Park - 302 W. Dunbar St.;
   (B)   Barber Park - 703 S. McDougal Rd.;
   (C)   Brent Johnson Park -1202 E. Oak Valley Rd.;
   (D)   Bridle Leash Park - 906 W. Diane Ln.;
   (E)   Brooks-Warfel Memorial Park - 406 E. Dunbar St.;
   (F)   Dowell Park - 601 E. Andover St.;
   (G)   Freedom Plaza - 511 E. Main St.;
   (H)   E. Rt. 150, Lake of the Woods Road, Rt. 47 North, and S. Mahomet Road Multi-use Pathways;
   (I)   Middletown Park -102 W. Main St.;
   (J)   Russell Park - 413 E. Main St.;
   (K)   Police Department Park - 570 S. Center St.;
   (L)   Sandy Ridge Park - 1404 E. Heather Dr.;
   (M)   Sangamon River Green Way - 1404 S. Division St.;
   (N)   Taylor Park - 703 W. Hickory St.; and
   (O)   Water Tower Park - 1404 E. Heather Dr.
(Ord. 05-08-02, passed 8-23-2005; Ord. 22-06-01, passed 6-28-2022)