(A)   Fraxinus species (Ashes) (not to be removed but new plantings to be prohibited until EAB status resolved).
   (B)   Tilia Americana, American Linden.
   (C)   T. cordata, Littleleaf Linden.
   (D)   T. x euchlora, Crimean Linden.
   (E)   T. platyphyllos, Bigleaf Linden - have significant defoliation problems with Japanese Beetles (note T. petiolaris, Pendant Silver Linden and T. tomentosa, Silver Linden have less problems with Japanese Beetles).
   (F)   Cercidiphyllum japonicum - Katsuratree is a very nice tree, but generally not considered suitable for street tree planting due to its need for moist soils and decline in dry sites or drought.
   (G)   Acer pensylvanicum - Striped Maple - A nice species with striped green and white bark, but generally short-lived in the Midwest due to canker problems.
(Ord. 13-07-02, passed 7-23-2013)