§ 94.99 PENALTY.
   Any person who violates any provision of this chapter or who fails to comply with any notice issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, upon being found guilty of violation, shall be subject to a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $200 for each separate offense. Each day during which any violation of the provisions of this chapter shall occur or continue shall be considered a separate offense, and is subject to a fine. If, as the result of the violation of any provision of this chapter, the injury, mutilation or death of a tree or shrub located on village-owned property is caused, the cost of repair or replacement of the tree or shrub shall be borne by the party in violation. Replacement trees may be required; the size and number determined by the Commission. All requests are reviewed by the Commission.
(Ord. 13-07-02, passed 7-23-2013)