(A)   Establishment. There is hereby created the Village Tree Commission, hereinafter referred to as the “Commission.”
   (B)   Composition. The Commission will consist of three residents of the village area, appointed annually by the Village President, by and with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees. These three Commissioners shall serve without pay. Two of the Commission members shall be selected from among persons experienced in forestry, horticulture, plant physiology, landscape architecture, ecology or similar fields. The remaining Commissioner shall be a citizen who has demonstrated an active interest in trees and/or other improvements related to the community environment.
   (C)   Duties.
      (1)   Once a year, by the end of April, the Commission shall submit to the Board of Trustees any plan it may have for planting and maintaining publicly acquired trees for the following planting season. Plans submitted will be for spring and fall planting. At the same time, the Commission shall give an annual performance report on previously executed plans.
      (2)   The Commission shall advise the Public Works Director, who will then be responsible for applying for any and all forms of assistance in acquiring trees and maintenance of the existing street trees. The Commission shall supervise the planting, maintenance, care and protection of all trees planted in accordance with any plan approved by the Board of Trustees.
      (3)   The Public Works Department and the Village Building Inspector are hereby made available to provide manpower, inspections, vehicles and equipment as necessary to deliver, plant, inspect and maintain the trees under the Commission’s supervision as allowed with the current budget.
(Ord. 13-07-02, passed 7-23-2013)