(A)   Sanitation collection service requirement.  Every person owning, managing, operating, leasing or renting any premises or any place where garbage or rubbish accumulates in excess of 33 gallons per week shall subscribe to a sanitation collection service.
   (B)   Duty to pay. The City Council provides for the regular collection and disposal of garbage from residential dwellings and places of business in the city.  The owners of all property receiving such service must pay the proportionate cost of such service to their properties.
   (C)   Default of payment. If a property owner fails to pay such service charges, the City Council may annually impose an assessment equal to the unpaid charges as of September 30 of each year against each affected lot or parcel of land.
   (D)   Penalty and interest. Each assessment will also include a penalty of 10% and shall bear interest at 6% per year.
   (E)   Certification of assessments. Assessments may be annually certified to the County Auditor.
   (F)   Notice and hearing. Unpaid charges shall not be certified as assessments to the County Auditor until notice and an opportunity for a hearing are provided to each owner of property subject to an assessment.  The notice shall be sent by first class mail and shall state that, if payment is not made before the date for certification, the entire amount unpaid plus any penalty and interest owing will be certified to the County Auditor.  The notice shall also state that the occupant may, before the certification date, attend or schedule a hearing on the matter to object to the certification.
(Ord. 2016-10, passed 10-3-2016)