(A)   No person or persons engaged in carrying passengers for pay, wages, hire or reward, in the city, shall use or cause to be used upon any of the streets of the city any automobiles, without first
having obtained a license to operate the automobile under the provisions of this section.
   (B)   Any person or persons being over the age of 18 years, or any corporation duly created under the laws of the state, may drive, keep and use automobiles for carrying passengers for pay, hire or reward within the city upon paying the license fee therefor as hereinafter fixed and obtaining a license for each and every automobile and upon complying with and observing all the provisions of this section and the laws of the state, and every automobile for which a license is so obtained, unless the license is revoked, shall, until the expiration of the license, be deemed a licensed automobile.
   (C)   Any person, persons or corporation, desiring to engage in the business of carrying passengers for hire by automobile, in the city, may file with the City Clerk an application in writing designating the number of automobiles which he or she or they or it shall desire to operate, with the name of the automobile or automobiles and the license number under which the automobile or automobiles shall be operated, which application shall be signed by the owner thereof, and which shall be by the City Clerk presented to the Council at its first regular meeting thereafter or at a special meeting called for the consideration of the same, and the Council may at the same time or any subsequent meeting thereafter pass upon that appreciation and may, in its discretion if deemed proper, authorize the issuance of the license to the applicant therefor, the license to be signed by the City President and the City Clerk and attested by the seal of the city. A record shall be kept by the City Clerk in which shall be entered a list of the names of all persons to whom licenses shall be granted, the dates when issued, the names of the dates when issued, the names of the automobiles and the number of the licenses issued by the Secretary of State.
   (D)   All licenses granted under the provisions of this section, shall, unless revoked, continue in force, until the first day of May after the issuance thereof, and the licenses may be transferred, upon application, by a resolution adopted by a majority of the City Council Any license granted under the provisions of this section may be revoked by the Council upon good cause shown, or if it deems it for the welfare of the public, after a reasonable notice to the licensee and a hearing thereon.
   (E)    There shall be paid to the City Clerk for the use of the city this before any license shall be issued under this section the sum of $50 for each automobile for which a license is so issued, except in case a party desires to operate more than one automobile, in which case the sum of $10 shall be paid for each additional automobile after, the first, operated by the same party.
(Ord. 29, passed 4-3-1916) Penalty, see § 10.99.