(A)   The keeping of billiard tables, pool tables, nine or ten pin alleys or bowling saloons for public use within the corporate limits of the city, without first obtaining a license therefor as hereinafter provided, is hereby prohibited.
   (B)   Any keeper or owner of any billiard table, pool table, nine or ten pin alley or bowling saloon, may obtain license therefore, by paying to the City Treasurer a sum therefor as shall be fixed and determined by the City Council, which sum until hereafter changed, shall be $5, and the City Treasurer shall give to the applicant a receipt specifying the amount paid and nature of the license and paid for and the term thereof, and upon delivering to the recorder of the city the receipt the recorder shall deliver to the applicant a license in accordance with the terms of the receipt, which license shall be signed by the City President of the City Council and countersigned by the recorder, and all licenses shall be numbered and all receipts shall also be numbered to correspond with the licenses given therefor and be filed in the office of the recorder for the inspection of any person interested therein.
   (C)   All licenses issued to applicants in pursuance of division (B) above shall be granted upon and contain the following conditions, viz: that the place where the billiard table, pool table, nine- or ten-pin alley or bowling saloon is kept shall be kept in a quiet and orderly manner.
   (D)   Any person who shall own or keep any billiard table, pool table, nine- or ten-pin alley or bowling saloon for public use without first obtaining a license therefore as hereinbefore provided for, or who shall violate any of the conditions upon which the license was granted, shall upon conviction therefor, be subject to § 10.99.
(Ord. 5, passed 6-12-1905) Penalty, see § 10.99