(A)   Order established.  Each meeting of the City Council shall convene at the time and place appointed therefor.  City Council business shall be conducted in the following order unless varied by the presiding officer or by-laws or other procedures adopted by Council resolution:
      (1)   Call to order.
      (2)   Roll call.
      (3)   Approval of minutes.
      (4)   Consent agenda.
      (5)   Public hearings.
      (6)   Petitions, requests, and communications.
      (7)   Ordinances and resolutions.
      (8)   Reports of officers, boards, and committees.
      (9)   Unfinished business.
      (10)   New business.
      (11)   Miscellaneous.
      (12)   Adjournment.
   (B)   Petitions and agenda.  Petitions and other papers addressed to the City Council shall be read or copies distributed by the City Clerk upon presentation of the same to the City Council.  All persons desiring to present new business before the City Council shall inform the City Clerk thereof at least 72 hours before new business is to be heard.  The City Clerk may prepare an agenda of the new business for submission to the City Council on or before the time of the next regular meeting.