§ 90.10 INTENT.
   (A)   A large number of fowl attract by feeding and baiting in and around the Madisonville City Park increases the presence of harmful bacteria, which presents a threat to public health and well being. Fecal matter from waterfowl contributes to the phosphate loading of water bodies thereby degrading water quality. Large numbers of waterfowl feeding, trampling and defecating cause damage to terrain and constitute a nuisance and health hazard to citizens.
   (B)   The purpose of § 90.11 is to control the feeding and baiting of migratory and nonmigratory waterfowl (hereafter referred to as “fowl”) in order to protect the public health and property and the water quality of lakes and ponds in the Madisonville City Park by reducing the amount of fecal matter from these fowl deposited in the water and on the adjacent shoreline and waterfront property caused in part by the feeding and baiting of these fowl by the public.
(Ord. 2006-03, passed 2-20-06)