(A)   The Zoning Administrator of the city shall be charged with the issuance of permits and the enforcement of this chapter. Appeal of decisions of the Administrator shall be made to the Board of Adjustment.
   (B)   Any violation or attempted violation of this chapter or of any condition or requirement adopted pursuant hereto may be restrained, corrected or abated, as the case may be, by injunction or other appropriate proceedings pursuant to state law. The remedies of the city shall include, but are not limited to the following:
      (1)   Issuing a stop-work order for any and all work on any signs on the same lot;
      (2)   Seeking an injunction or other order of restraint or abatement that requires the removal and disposal of the sign(s) or the correction of the violation.
      (3)   In the case of a sign that poses an immediate danger to the public health or safety, taking all reasonable and necessary steps to immediately abate the danger.
   (C)   All the remedies provided herein shall be cumulative. To the extent that state law may limit or invalidate the availability of a particular remedy set forth herein for a certain violation or a part hereof, the remedy shall remain available for other violations or other parts of the same violation.
(Ord. 99-06, passed 6-7-99) Penalty, see § 158.99
Cross reference:
   Board of Adjustment, see § 156.11