No permit shall be issued for an individual sign requiring a permit until a Sign Plan for the lot on which the sign will be erected has been submitted to and approved by the Administrator. For any lot on which the owner proposes to erect one (1) or more signs requiring a permit, the owner shall submit to the Administrator a Sign Plan containing the following:
   (A)   The name, address and telephone number of the owner or persons entitled to possession of the sign and of the sign contractor or erector.
   (B)   The location by street address of the proposed sign structure.
   (C)   The nature of the business.
   (D)   An accurate site plan of the lot, including:
      (1)   Location of buildings, parking lots and driveways.
      (2)   Computations of the maximum total sign area, the maximum area for individual signs and the height of signs.
      (3)   An accurate indication on the site plan of the proposed location of each present and proposed sign of any type including setbacks.
      (4)   Projected cost of construction.
   (E)   Such other information as the Administrator may require to determine full compliance with this chapter and any other applicable chapters of this code.
   (F)   Payment of all required fees.
(Ord. 99-06, passed 6-7-99)