(A)   Abandoned signs shall be removed within thirty (30) days of abandonment. This section shall not apply to any sign associated with a vacant business or property which is advertised and marketed for sale or lease provided that the sign and the property is maintained in conformance with all applicable provisions as established by the city.
   (B)   Upon failure of sign owner or lessee, or property owner, to comply with this chapter, the Administrator shall issue a written notice to the owner. The notice shall state that the sign shall be removed within thirty (30) days. If the owner fails to comply with the written notice to remove the sign, the Administrator is hereby authorized to cause removal of the sign. Any expense incidental to the removal of the sign, including reasonable attorney fees, shall be charged to the owner of the property upon which the sign is located and shall constitute a lien upon the property. For the purpose of dealing with abandoned signs in this chapter, the word “remove” shall mean:
      (1)   The sign face, along with posts, columns, or supports of free-standing signs, shall be taken down and removed from the property.
      (2)   The sign face and supporting structures of “projection”, “roof” or “wall” signs shall be taken down and removed from the property.
      (3)   The sign face of “painted wall signs” shall be removed by painting over the wall sign in such a manner as to completely cover up and hide from sight the sign in question.
(Ord. 99-06, passed 6-7-99) Penalty, see § 158.99