General Provisions
   118.01   Short title
   118.02   Incorporation of state law; compliance required
   118.03   Scope of coverage
   118.04   Deposit of fees, fines to general fund
   118.05   Notice of fees, assessments to State Alcoholic Beverage Board
   118.10   Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator; office established
   118.11   Administrator to enforce
   118.12   Functions; duties and powers
   118.13   Police power; administrator to have
   118.14   Right of inspection
Licensing Regulations
   118.25   Number of licenses
   118.26   Distilled spirit and wine licenses; fees
   118.27   Malt beverage licenses; fees
   118.28   Business authorized by distiller’s license
   118.29   Business authorized by microbrewery license
   118.30   Special private club license; fees
   118.31   Consumption of drink on premises; license required; fees
   118.32   All licenses required
   118.33   Special Sunday sale licenses
   118.34   License term; renewal
   118.35   Pro-ration; refunds prohibited
   118.36   Assignment; transfer
   118.37   Location of business restricted
   118.38   Application; contents
   118.39   Approval or denial of application
   118.40   Payment of fees
   118.41   Posting of licenses; public record
   118.42   License to become void if business dormant; license renewal
   118.43   Causes for refusal to issue or renew license and for suspension or    revocation of license
Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
   118.60   License required for sale
   118.61   Hours of sale
   118.62   Hours of sale, exceptions; requirements
   118.63   Confiscation authorized if violations occur
   118.64   Advertising restrictions
   118.65   Retail sales to certain persons prohibited
   118.66   Minors not to possess or purchase alcoholic beverages nor to misrepresent age; use of fraudulent identification
   118.67   Licensee to display notice as to sales to minors
Regulatory Licensee Fee
   118.80   Regulatory license fee imposed
   118.81   Payment
   118.82   Failure to pay
   118.83   Interest on late payments
   118.84   Adequate recordkeeping required
   118.85   Penalty for nonpayment
   118.86   Administration
   118.99   Penalties
   Appendix A:    Notice to Minors, Example of Type