§ 33.122 DUTIES.
   (A)   The Cable Advisory Board shall execute its duties according to terms described in the Cable Television Franchise Agreement.
   (B)   The board shall advise the local governmental units on issues involving cable television and the Cable Franchisee Agreement. 
   (C)   The Cable Advisory Board shall coordinate use of local access programming channels with the cable operator.
      (1)   The duration of the interlocal agreement shall be for the same period as the Cable Television Franchisee Agreement currently approved by the local governmental units.
      (2)   Upon termination of the interlocal agreement, any property of the Cable Advisory Board shall become the property of the local governmental units. If a governmental unit chooses to terminate its participation in this agreement prior to the termination of this agreement by all other participating governmental units, that governmental unit forfeits any and all claim to any property of the Cable Advisory Board.
(Ord. 2001-7, passed 9-5-01)