(A)   The appointment of all personnel subject to the jurisdiction of the Merit Commission shall be made by the Sheriff from those applicants who have been certified by the Commission as being qualified for appointment. The Commission may, by its rules and regulations, set forth the minimum requirements for appointment to any position. The Commission may, by its rules and regulations, set forth the procedure for examination which will include investigations, examinations and any other method consistent with recognized merit principles, which in the judgment of the Commission, is reasonable and practical for any particular classification. Different examining procedures may be set for the examinations in different classifications but all examinations in the same classification shall be uniform.
   (B)   The Merit Commission may, by regulations, provide that applicants, who have served with another Sheriff’s office, Police Department or any other law enforcement agency, may be exempt from one or more of the minimum requirements for appointment.
   (C)   Preference will be given in such appointments to persons who have honorably served in the military or naval services in the United States.
   (D)   All initial appointees shall serve a probationary period of 12 months during which time, they may be discharged at the will of the Sheriff.
   (E)   The Sheriff shall make appointments from those persons certified by the Commission as qualified for appointment, however, the Sheriff may reject any person so certified and shall notify the Commission, in writing, of such rejection.
(Res. passed 10-17-2012)