The Commission shall:
   (A)   Maintain personnel records and files as are necessary to execute its responsibilities. These records and files shall be confidential, except that any member of this Department shall be permitted, on request, to examine his or her graded, written examinations and efficiency reports and, pursuant to applicable state and federal laws, employees will have the opportunity to examine personnel files pertaining to them;
   (B)   Keep and maintain the minutes of all meetings and report the decision rendered to appropriate parties;
   (C)   Carefully compile and maintain a transcript of all disciplinary procedures;
   (D)   Keep and maintain all other records and files necessary to the proper administration and operation of the Commission’s business, including any information required for compliance with requests of the County Board, for reports of activity; and
   (E)   Keep and maintain all reports made to the Commission by the Sheriff pertaining to appointments, permanent or temporary, all promotions, suspensions, resignations or vacancies from any cause, and the annual efficiency reports for each person covered by the merit system provided to the Merit Commission by the Sheriff. The Commission shall also keep all letters of commendation, academic achievements and reprimands and such other reports as the Commission may reasonably receive from the Sheriff pursuant to state’s statutes.
(Res. passed 10-17-2012)