(A)   In order to provide the broadest possible mental health program within the county, the Mental Health Board shall work with all outside groups providing such services to help coordinate all programs and increase the services available to county residents and prevent duplication of programs except where necessary.
   (B)   The Board may establish a panel of consultants who will make themselves available to assist in advising the Board on present or proposed programs. The panel may include educators, religious leaders, professional persons in law, mental health, medicine, science and community leaders, all of whom may be interested in mental health problems and necessary programs.
   (C)   The Board may review and comment on all applications for grants by any person, corporation, or governmental unit providing services within the geographical area of the Board which provides mental health facilities and services, including services for the person with a mental illness, a developmental disability, or a substance abuse disorder.
(1993 Code, § 32.05)  (Ord. passed 12-20-1967)