(A)   The Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county shall charge and collect a fee of $5 as a court documentation fee to be paid at the time of filing the first pleading, paper, or other appearance filed by each party in all civil cases or by the defendant in any felony, misdemeanor, traffic, ordinance, or conservation matter on a judgment of guilty or grant of supervision.
   (B)   A document storage system is authorized by the County Board.
   (C)   No additional fee shall be required if more than one party is presented in a single pleading, paper, or other appearance.
   (D)   The fee shall be collected in the manner of which all other fees or costs are collected.
   (E)   The Clerk of the Circuit Court shall commence charges and collections of a court document fee upon written notice from the Chairperson of the County Board together with a certified copy of the Board’s resolution which the Clerk shall file in his or her office.
   (F)   Court document fees shall be in addition to all other fees and charges of the Clerk and shall be assessable as costs, and shall be remitted monthly by the Clerk to the County Documentation Storage Fund. The Fund shall be audited by the County Auditor, and the Board shall make expenditures from the Fund in payment of any costs relative to the storage of court records, including hardware,  software,  research and development costs, and related personnel, provided that the expenditure is approved by the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
   (G)   No fee shall be charged in any matter coming to the Clerk on a change of venue or a proceeding review.
(Res. 93-39, passed 7-13-1993; Res. 2010.36, passed  9-15-2010)