(A)   The Director shall issue a private sewage system installation contractor license or a private sewage disposal system pumping contractor license to persons applying for such license who successfully pass a written examination prepared by the Department and who pay the required annual license fee in an amount determined by the Department to equal a proportional share of its total costs in administering this chapter. Each person who holds a currently valid pumping license issued under the Illinois Plumbing License Law, as now or hereafter amended, shall not be required to pay the annual license fee required by this section, but such licensed persons shall comply with all other provisions, including the requirement for examination for licensure.
   (B)   The Department shall reinstate a license which expires while a licensee is in the active military service of the United States upon application to the Department by the former licensee within two years after termination of such military service, payment of the annual license fee and submission of evidence of such military service. Such license shall be reinstated without examination and without payment of the reinstatement fee.
   (C)   A private sewage disposal system pumping contractor or a private sewage system installation contractor whose license has expired for a period of less than three years may apply to the Department for reinstatement of his or her license. The Department shall issue such renewed license provided the applicant pays to the Department all lapsed license fees, plus a reinstatement fee determined by the Department. A license which has expired for more than three years may be restored only by reapplying to take the examination and by successfully passing the written examination.
(Ord. passed 2-14-1984; Ord. 2004.2, passed 5-11-2004; Ord. 0-2005.3, passed 11-8-2005)