(A)   All private sewage disposal systems within the limits of county shall be installed, modified or serviced by an individual with a valid private sewage disposal system installation contractor’s certificate; and all such systems shall be pumped, cleaned, and the contents disposed of by individuals with a valid private sewage disposal system pumping contractor’s certificate; provided, however, that a homeowner may install and/or service a private sewage disposal system which serves his or her own personal single family residence.
   (B)   All private sewage disposal systems shall be installed, modified, serviced, pumped and the contents disposed of in accordance with the Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code, 1984 Edition, and any subsequent amendments.
   (C)   All septic tank and/or aerobic units manufactured, sold, offered for sale, or delivered in county shall comply with provisions in this chapter.
(Ord. passed 2-14-1984; Ord. 2004.2, passed 5-11-2004; Ord. 0-2005.3, passed 11-8-2005)