(A)   At the conclusion of the inspection, the status of the food service establishment shall be determined and it shall be placed into one of the following categories:
      (1)   No follow-up required. No uncorrected priority or priority foundation violations exist. Core violations may exist but the quantity does not warrant enforcement review. A limited number of repeat violations may have been observed during the inspection.
      (2)   Follow-up required. A follow-up visit shall be completed at a date noted on the report to verify the timely correction of the outstanding priority or priority foundation violations.
      (3)   Enforcement action required. Violations observed during the routine inspection warrant further review or enforcement action by the Health Authority. Enforcement action may include, but is not limited to, a follow-up inspection, a warning letter from the Health Authority, a scheduled formal hearing, a completed long term plan of action by the permit holder, or the immediate suspension of food operations.
      (4)   Closure. Immediate closure of the establishment will occur if an imminent health hazard exists to the public health.
   (B)   It is at the discretion of the Health Authority to establish the severity of enforcement protocol based upon observations and violations noted during the inspection.
(Ord. O-132-11-18, passed 11-8-2018)