(A)   As required in the Food Code, or before engaging in food preparation that requires a HACCP plan, a permit holder or person in charge shall submit to the Health Authority for approval a properly prepared HACCP plan.
   (B)   Contents of a HACCP Plan shall include:
      (1)   A categorization of the types of time/temperature control for safety foods that are specified in the menu such as soups and sauces, salads, and bulk, solid foods such as meat roasts, or of other foods that are specified by the Health Authority.
      (2)   A flow diagram by specific food or category of food type indentifying critical control points and providing information on the following:
         (a)   Ingredients, materials, and equipment used in the preparation of that food;
         (b)   Formulations or recipes that delineate methods and procedural control measures that address the food safety concerns involved;
         (c)   Food employee and supervisory training plan that addresses the food safety concerns involved;
         (d)   A statement of operating procedures for the plan under consideration including clearly identifying:
            1.   Each critical control point;
            2.   The critical limits for each critical control point;
            3.   The method and frequency for monitoring and controlling each critical control point by the food employee designated by the person in charge;
            4.   The method and frequency for the person in charge to routinely verify that the food employee is following standard operating procedures and monitoring critical control points;
            5.   Action to be taken by the person in charge if the critical limits for each critical control point are not met;
            6.   Records to be maintained by the person in charge to demonstrate that the HACCP plan is properly operated and managed; and
         (e)   Additional scientific data or other information, as required by the Health Authority, supporting determination that the food safety is not compromised by the proposal.
   (C)   The HACCP plan and procedures that are submitted and approved shall be maintained and provided to the Health Authority, upon request. This includes all records that demonstrate compliance.
(Ord. O-132-11-18, passed 11-8-2018)