(a)   Applicability. This Chapter shall apply to the operation of computerized sweepstakes terminals and internet cafes or establishments operating such terminals. This Chapter shall only apply to the operation of such terminals that are lawfully operating pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code and nothing in this Chapter shall be construed to legalize, license or authorize any operation of a device that is unlawful to operate pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code. This Chapter shall apply immediately to all devices, arcades and/or internet cafes that commence operation after the date of enactment of this Chapter. All arcades, internet cafes, or establishments in existence at the time of enactment of this Chapter shall come into compliance with all Sections of this Chapter no later than thirty (30) days after enactment unless otherwise stated herein.
   (b)   Purpose. It is the purpose of this Chapter and the policy of the City of Macedonia to establish standards for licensing and regulation of computerized sweepstakes devices and arcades and/or internet cafes upon which they are located and operated. This Chapter is designed to prevent safety and fire hazards, prevent disturbances, preserve the peaceful enjoyment of neighboring establishments and residences, and prevent gambling and other criminal behavior in the City. (Ord. 80-2010. Passed 9-23-10.)