(a)   All video service providers within the City shall be required to pay franchise fees on advertising revenues as defined as the net revenue received by the video service provider for advertising on its subscription-based video service within the City. If the revenue is derived under a regional or national compensation contract or arrangement between the video service provider and one or more advertisers or advertising representatives, the amount of revenue derived by the applicable locality shall be determined by multiplying the total net revenue received by the video service provider under the contract or arrangement by the percentage resulting from dividing the number of subscribers in the City by the total number of regional or national subscribers that potentially receive the advertising under the contract or arrangement.
   (b)   A five percent (5%) franchise fee shall be charged on gross revenues payable by all video service providers in the City.
   (c)   The Clerk of Council shall promptly notify affected video service providers of this section pursuant to Ohio R.C. 1332.32(B)(2)(g) which shall not take effect until the first day of the first calendar quarter that begins 30 days after the notice is provided. The Clerk of Council is further instructed to provide written notice to the video service provider of the five percent (5%) franchise fee percentage under Ohio R.C. 1332.32(C)(1)(b) within 10 days after the City receives notice from the video service provider as required by Division (A) of Section 1332.27 of the Revised Code that the video service provider will commence to provide access to video service in the City.
(Ord. 124-2007. Passed 12-20-07.)