It shall be cause for revocation of any license required under this chapter, by the issuing authority, or for non-renewal of such license, for an operator or operator’s officers, directors, agents, or employees, trustee, twenty-five percent of the shareholders of an operator, or any other person to:
   (a)   Operate an amusement arcade without a valid license;
   (b)   Operate or permit to be operated an amusement device or game machine without a valid license for that machine or device;
   (c)   Fail to display any license required by this chapter;
   (d)   Provide any false or misleading information in the material submitted during the application process;
   (e)   Permit any violation of (1) an ordinance or regulation of the City; (2) regulation of the County, including but not limited to rules of the Summit County Department of Health; or (3) statute of the State, any for which a criminal penalty may be invoked, to take place at any amusement arcade operated by such operator; or
   (f)   Knowingly allow gambling on the premises;
   (g)   Transfer or alter any license issued under this chapter;
   (h)   Failure to comply with any provision of this chapter;
   (i)   Be convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude.
      (Ord. 22-2007. Passed 4-12-07.)