(a)   Each applicant, within forty-five days of submitting an application for an amusement arcade license, shall submit to the Director of Finance:
      (1)   A written report prepared by an independent laboratory satisfactory to the Director of Finance and Chief of Police stating that the specific amusement device, including but not limited to the source code, has been tested and examined under the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code and this chapter and the specific amusement device is largely or wholly a game of skill.
      (2)   A report must be prepared for each amusement device to be licensed.
      (3)   An exact and sealed copy of the source code for each device shall accompany the report. Such sealed code shall be deemed proprietary and shall be held by the Director of Finance or his designee until the license is expired, revoked, or there are reasonable grounds to believe a violation of this chapter has occurred. If reasonable grounds exist, the sealed source code will be provided to law enforcement for investigation. Otherwise, the source code will be returned to the licensee.
   (b)   The Director of Finance shall provide the names of at least two laboratories deemed satisfactory.
(Ord. 22-2007. Passed 4-12-07.)