The original and renewal application for an amusement arcade license and the license for each skill-based amusement machine, game machine, or amusement device shall be upon a form prescribed by the Director of Finance and Chief of Police and shall set forth therein information such as the name and address of the operator, the address of the place of business which is to be the licensed amusement arcade, the year for which the license is sought, the number of skill-based game machines or amusement devices located at such place of business, the name and address of the owner of each machine, a detailed explanation of the machine operation, applicable software license authorization, player skills, and training required qualifying each machine as a game of skill, and such other information as the Director of Finance reasonably requires. The application shall be signed by the operator in whose name the city licenses are to be issued as well as the owner of the real property.
(Ord. 22-2007. Passed 4-12-07.)