(a)    Class B magazines shall be for the storage of explosives in quantities of fifty pounds or less.
   (b)    Class B magazines shall be located at distances from neighboring buildings, highways and railways in conformity with the Ohio Fire Code.
   (c)    Class B magazines when within any building shall be located not more than ten feet from and on the same floor with the entrance on the floor nearest the street level. Two Class B magazines may be located on the same premises when one is used only for the storage of blasting caps in quantity not in excess of 5,000 caps. Their location shall not be changed without approval of the Mayor.
   (d)    Class B magazines shall be constructed of two-inch tongue and grooved hardwood covered on the outside with 20 U. S. Standard gauge sheet iron. They shall be mounted on wheels and shall be painted vermillion and shall be conspicuously marked "Explosives" in white letters at least three inches in height on all sides and top.
(Ord. 31-1962. Passed 6-14-62.)