(a)    Class A magazines shall be for the storage of explosives when quantities are in excess of fifty pounds.
   (b)    Class A magazines shall be located at distances from neighboring buildings, highways and railways in conformity with the Ohio Fire Code.
   (c)    Class A magazines shall be constructed of brick, concrete, iron, or wood with the exterior of the walls covered with iron, or of other approved construction. They shall be constructed to provide resistance against bullets, and shall have no openings except for ventilation and entrance. Ventilation openings shall be screened to prevent entrance of sparks.
   (d)    Property upon which Class A magazines are located shall be posted with signs reading "Explosives - Keep Off". Such signs shall be located so that if any one shoots at the sign the bullet will not travel in the direction of the magazine.
(Ord. 31-1962. Passed 6-14 62.)