(a)    All explosives except small arms ammunition shall be kept stored in a magazine complying with the requirements of this chapter provided that such explosives may be transported or used as permitted by this chapter.
   (b)    Magazines for explosives shall be of three classes: Class A, Class B and portable magazines.
   (c)    Blasting caps or detonators of any kind shall not be kept in the same magazine with other explosives.
   (d)    All magazines shall be kept locked except when being inspected or when explosives are being placed therein or being removed therefrom.
   (e)    All magazines shall be kept clean, dry and free of grit, paper, empty packages and rubbish.
   (f)   No fire or open flame of any kind shall be permitted within twenty-five feet of a magazine containing explosives. .
   (g)    Smoking shall not be permitted in or in the vicinity of a magazine.
   (h)    Magazines shall not be provided with artificial heat, or light, except that portable electric safety battery lamps may be used for lighting.
   (i)    The area for a distance of twenty-five feet around a magazine shall be kept free of brush, grass, rubbish and other combustible materials.
   (j)    All factory buildings and magazines in which explosives are had or kept must be located at distances from buildings, railroads and highways in conformity with the Ohio Fire Code. (Ord. 31-1962. Passed 6-14-62.)