The following words and phrases shall have the meaning set forth herein unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
   (a)   "Division of Oil and Gas" means the State of Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil and Gas.
   (b)   "Well" means any borehole, whether drilled or bored, for the purpose of exploration or production of any gas or liquid mineral, excluding potable water, and includes wells for the direct production and in direct recovery or the disposal of such gas or liquid.
   (c)   "Well workover" means the reentering of a well for any purpose after it is initially completed or abandoned. Well workover shall not include drilling or well servicing such as the installation or servicing of artificial lift equipment or the removal of tubing obstructions such as paraffin or sand.
   (d)   "Well site" means the minimum areas for a well pursuant to Section 751.03(a).
   (e)   "Unitized lease" means the lease arrangements between property owners and the driller which enables the driller to include more than one separately owned parcel as part of the well site and commits these parcels to comply with the regulations of this chapter and the requirements of the Division of Oil and Gas.
      (Ord. 2-1983. Passed 3-24-83.)