Whenever used in this chapter:
   (a)    "Junkyard" means an establishment or place of business, other than an establishment having facilities for processing iron, steel, or non-ferrous scrap and whose principal product is scrap iron and steel or non-ferrous scrap for sale for remelting purposes, which is maintained or operated for the purpose of storing, keeping, buying, or selling junk, or for the maintenance or operation of a motor vehicle graveyard, except an establishment or place where automobiles, wrecked or otherwise, are held or impounded for a period not to exceed ninety days exclusively for storage, repair or resale without alteration.
   (b)    "Automobile salvage yard" means an establishment or place of business maintained for the purpose of storing motor vehicles primarily for the purpose of removal and sale of individual parts therefrom and for storage of the skeletons of such motor vehicles pending their sale or disposition for industrial scrap purposes.
   (c)    "Fence" means an enclosure at least six feet in height, constructed of nontransparent material, and maintained so as to obscure the materials in the enclosure from the ordinary view of persons passing upon the public streets or ways. (Ord. 48-1965. Passed 10-7-65.)