(A)   Compliance required. No applications for small cell wireless facilities shall be deemed complete unless the applicant has submitted all required application materials and applicable fees, as provided by this section.
   (B)   Site plans and layouts. Applicants shall submit the following information with the application electronically or by hardcopy. Hardcopy submittals shall be provided in triplicate.
      (1)   Applicant. Applicant’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail addresses;
      (2)   Representatives and consultants. The names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of all duly authorized representatives and consultants, if any, acting on behalf of the applicant with respect to the filing of the application.
      (3)   Map and inventory of proposed sites. Applicant shall provide a map of the proposed site(s) and photographs of the structure if the installation is a proposed co-location. Applicant’s map shall show all land uses within 800 feet of the proposed small cell wireless facility sites(s).
      (4)   Photo simulations of small cell facility and ancillary equipment. Applicant shall show the placement of the proposed small cell wireless facility, including the placement of any ancillary equipment.
      (5)   Drawings and plans. Applicant shall furnish site plan, plans, and elevations, drawn to scale, that identify the proposed small cell wireless facility and ancillary equipment placement. Elevations shall include all structures on which facilities are proposed to be located. All proposed structures, including ancillary equipment, shall be drawn to scale on the elevations. Site plans shall include depiction of signage required by this chapter. In addition, site plans showing the existing condition of the structure and surrounding area shall be prepared and submitted.
      (6)   Camouflage and/or matching methods. Applicant shall provide both a description of methods proposed to make the installation and all ancillary equipment a decorative facility, and identify its colors and material specifications.
      (7)   Identify all ancillary equipment. Plans shall identify any and all ancillary equipment required to support the small cell wireless facility.
      (8)   Notice to nearby property owners. Unless the city waives the requirement in advance for good cause shown, applicant shall provide notice to any property owner within 150 feet of any installation of the application via first class mail, and provide evidence of that notice to the city with its application, along with any responses received to that notice. The city will provide the applicant with any responses or contacts the city receives in response to such notices.
   (C)   Fee requirements. An application for small cell wireless facilities shall be accompanied by the following fee payments.
      (1)   Application fee. Application fee of $100 for each installation, modification or replace-ment of a pole, or the collocation of an associated small wireless facility, in the right-of-way.
      (2)   Annual rate. An applicant authorized to place small wireless facilities and any related poles in the right-of-way will pay to the city compensation for use of the right-of-way and collocation on city structures in the right-of-way, an aggregate annual rate not to exceed $270 per small wireless facility. This rate, together with the one-time application fee, shall be the total compensation that the applicant is required to pay the city for the deployment of each small wireless facility in the right-of-way and any associated pole.
      (3)   Bonding. Depending on the type, size and number of facilities, as well as the financial viability of the applicant, the city may require a reasonable and nondiscriminatory bond (or other good and sufficient security from the applicant), with the application to ensure that the city right-of-way is undamaged. Further, the city may require that a lesser bond (or other good and sufficient security from the applicant) remains in place to ensure that the facilities will be properly removed when no longer in use.
(Ord. 2-24-20, passed 3-23-20)