Unless otherwise specifically provided, the terms used in this chapter shall have the following meanings.
   APPLICANT. Service provider(s) of the small cell wireless facilities that are proposed to be located within the city, or their authorized representative(s).
   ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT. Any wires, cables, meter boxes, cable, conduit and connectors, and any other equipment required to operate and support the operation of small cell wireless facilities.
   CO-LOCATION or COLLOCATE. Mounting or installing an antenna on a preexisting structure and/or modifying a structure for the purpose of mounting or installing an antenna facility on that structure.
   DECORATIVE FACILITY. A structure that is specially designed and placed for aesthetic purposes to reasonably match its surrounding environment, and on which no appurtenances or attachments, other than a small wireless facility, lighting, specially designed informational or directional signage, or temporary holiday or special event attachments, have been placed or are permitted to be placed according to nondiscriminatory standards.
   RIGHT-OF-WAY. All public streets and utility easements, now and hereafter owned by the city.
   SMALL CELL WIRELESS FACILITY. A wireless telecommunications facility that meets all the following conditions:
      (1)   The facilities:
         (a)   Are mounted on a structure 50 feet or less in height, including the antennas; or
         (b)   Are mounted on a structure no more than 110% taller than other adjacent structures; or
         (c)   Do not extend existing structures on which they are located to the height of more than 50 feet or by more than 11%, whichever is greater; and
      (2)   The facility does not require antenna structure registration under 47 C.F.R. Ch. 1, subch. A, pt. 17.
   TECHNICALLY FEASIBLE. That by virtue of engineering or spectrum usage the proposed placement for a small wireless facility, or its design, concealment measures, or site location can be implemented without a reduction in the functionality of the small wireless facility.
(Ord. 2-24-20, passed 3-23-20)