(A)   As histories for the code sections, the specific number and passage date of the original ordinance, and the most recent three amending ordinances, if any, are listed following the text of the code section. Example: (Ord. 10, passed 5-13-60; Am. Ord. 15, passed 1-1-70; Am. Ord. 20, passed 1-1-80; Am. Ord. 25, passed 1-1-85)
   (B)   If a KRS cite is included in the history, this indicates that the text of the section reads word-for- word the same as the statute. Example: (KRS 83A.090) (Ord. 10, passed 1-17-80; Am. Ord. 20, passed 1-1-85). If a KRS cite is set forth as a “statutory reference” following the text of the section, this indicates that the reader should refer to that statute for further information. Example:
         This municipality shall make available to any person for inspection or copying all public records, unless otherwise exempted by state law.
      Statutory reference:
         For provisions concerning the inspection of public records, see KRS 61.870 et seq.
   (C)   If a section of this code is derived from the previous code of ordinances of the city published in 1991 and subsequently amended, the 1991 code section number shall be indicated in the history by “(`91 Code, § ).”
(`91 Code, § 10.18)