For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   APPLIANCE.  Items such as stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and water heaters.
   AUTOMOBILE PARTS.  Any portion or parts of any motor driven vehicle as detached from the vehicle as a whole.
   HOUSEHOLD ITEMS.  Boxes, bags (plastic, paper, etc.). paper, TV sets, furniture, toys, clothing, and other items not intended for display or storage in an outdoor environment.
   INOPERATIVE CONDITION.  Unable to move under its own power due to defective or missing parts, and which has remained in such condition for a period of not less than ten consecutive days. Operative condition shall mean a licensable vehicle which has a current, valid license and is in self-propelled condition; and other farm or construction equipment which is fully assembled and which is capable of its intended operation.
   MOTOR VEHICLE.  Any style or type of motor driven vehicle used for the conveyance of persons or property.
   NUISANCE.  Public nuisance and in addition those conditions listed in § 92.03.
   OWNER.  Any person who, alone or jointly or severally with others:
      (1)   Shall have legal title to any land or improvements thereon;
      (2)   Shall have charge, care or control of any dwelling unit as owners, or as executor, executrix, administrator, administratrix, trustee or guardian of the estate of any owner. Any such person thus representing the actual owner shall be bound to comply with the provisions of these rules and regulations upon the owner.
   PUBLIC NUISANCE. Any act, thing, occupation, condition or use of property which shall continue for such a length of time as to:
      (1)   Substantially annoy, injure, or endanger the comfort, health, repose, or safety of the public;
      (2)   Unlawfully and substantially interfere with, obstruct, or tend to obstruct or render dangerous for passage any street, alley, highway, sidewalk, stream, ditch or drainage; or
      (3)   Essentially interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property, or tend to depreciate the value of property of others.
   SCRAP METAL.  Pieces or parts of steel, iron, tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, or any alloy thereof, whether covered with porcelain or any other material, whether intact or in parts, which has served its usefulness in its original form and can no longer be used for its originally intended purpose.
   UNFIT FOR FURTHER USE.  In a dangerous condition; having defective or missing parts; or in such a condition generally as to be unfit for further use as a conveyance.
(`91 Code, § 92.01) (Am. Ord. 9-15-97B-1997-98, passed 10-20-97)