(A)   Any peace officer, animal control officer or any person authorized by the Board of Agriculture may destroy or kill or cause to be destroyed or killed, any animal found abandoned and suffering and not properly cared for, or appearing to be injured, diseased, or suffering past recovery for any useful purpose.
   (B)   Before destroying the animal the officer shall obtain the judgment to that effect of a veterinarian, or of two reputable citizens called by him to view the animal in his presence, or shall obtain consent to the destruction from the owner of the animal.
   (C)   (1)   Any animal placed in the custody of a licensed veterinarian for treatment, boarding, or other care, which shall be unclaimed by its owner or his agent for a period of more than ten days after written notice by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, is given the owner or his agent at his last known address, shall be deemed to be abandoned and may be turned over to the nearest humane society or animal shelter or disposed of as the custodian may deem proper.
      (2)   The giving of notice to the owner, or the agent of the owner of the animal by the licensed veterinarian shall relieve the licensed veterinarian and any custodian to whom the animal may be given of any further liability for disposal.
(KRS 257.100) (`91 Code, § 90.06)