All of the following criteria must be satisfied for a street to be considered eligible for speed hump installation.
   (A)   Petition. A petition that documents that a minimum of 75% of all the property owners (joint property owner, both must sign to be counted) on the entire length of a street within the city limits supports the installation of speed humps.
   (B)   Location of the street.  The land uses of the properties abutting the street where the speed hump is proposed must be composed of primarily residential dwellings.  Only public roadways which have been accepted as part of the city’s roadway system can be considered.
   (C)   Operational characteristics of the street.
      (1)   The street must be used to provide access to abutting primarily residential properties.  The street must not be identified as a collector or higher level street, as defined by the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan, Core Graphic 13.
      (2)   There must be no more than one moving lane of traffic in each direction.
      (3)   Traffic volumes must be more than 500 but less than 3,000 vehicles, two-way volume per day.
      (4)   The street must have a speed limit of 25 mph.
(Ord. 3-27-06A, passed 5-22-06; Am. Ord. 8-26-13, passed 8-26-13)