§ 152.41  FINAL PLAT.
   (A)   Procedure. After the preliminary plat has been approved, the final plat may be submitted for approval as follows.
      (1)   Approval of the Planning Commission.
         (a)   The final plat shall be submitted to the Planning Commission at least seven days prior to a Planning Commission meeting at which consideration is requested.
         (b)   Approval or disapproval of the final plat will be conveyed to the subdivider in writing within ten days after the meeting of the Planning Commission at which the plat was considered.
         (c)   In case the plat is disapproved, the subdivider shall be notified of the reason for the action and what requirements shall be necessary to meet the approval of the Planning Commission.
      (2)   Approval of the Council. After review and approval of the final plat by the Planning Commission, the final plat, together with the recommendations of the Planning Commission, shall be submitted to the Council for approval. If accepted, the final plat shall be approved by resolution, which resolution shall provide for the acceptance of all streets, alleys, easement or other public ways, and parks, or other open spaces dedicated to public purposes. If disapproved, the ground for any refusal to approve a plat shall be set forth in the proceedings of the Council and reported to the subdivider applying for the approval.
   (B)   Data required. The subdivider shall submit a final plat together with any necessary supplementary information:
      (1)   Filing. Ten copies of a final plat shall be filed with the Planning Commission;
      (2)   Contents. The final plat, prepared for recording purposes, shall be prepared in accordance with provisions of state statutes and shall be uniform in size, measuring 20 inches by 30 inches from outer edge to outer edge and as required below:
         (a)   Names of the subdivision, which shall not duplicate or too closely approximate the name of any existing subdivision;
         (b)   Location by section, township, range, county and state, and including descriptive boundaries of the subdivision, based on an accurate traverse, giving angular and linear dimensions which must mathematically close. The allowable error of closure on any portion of a final plat shall be one foot in 7,500;
         (c)   The location of monuments shall be shown and described on the final plat. Locations of the monuments shall be shown in reference to existing official monuments or the nearest established road lines, including true angles and distances to the reference points or monuments. Permanent markers shall be placed at each corner of every block or portion or a block, points of curvature and points of tangency on road lines and at each angle point on the boundary of the subdivision. A permanent marker shall be deemed to be a steel rod or pipe, one-half inch or larger in diameter extending at least three feet below the finished grade. In situations where conditions prohibit the placing of markers in the locations prescribed above, offset markers will be permitted. The exact location of all markers shall be shown on the final plat, together with accurate interior angles, bearings and distances. Permanent monuments shall be placed at all quarter section points within the subdivision or on its perimeter;
         (d)   Location of lots, streets, public highways, alleys, parks and other features, with accurate dimensions in feet and decimals of feet, with the length of radii and/or arcs of all curves, and with all other information necessary to reproduce the plat on the ground shall be shown. Dimensions shall be shown from all angle points of curve to lot lines;
         (e)   Lots shall be numbered clearly. If blocks are to be numbered or lettered, these shall be shown clearly in the center of the block;
         (f)   The exact locations, widths and names of all streets to be dedicated;
         (g)   Location and width of all easements to be dedicated;
         (h)   Building setback lines on front and side streets with dimensions;
         (i)   Name and address of subdivider and surveyor making the plat;
         (j)   Scale of plat (the scale to be shown graphically and in feet per inch), date and north point;
         (k)   Statement dedicating all easements as follows: easements for installation and maintenance of utilities and drainage facilities are reserved over, under and along the strips marked “utility easements”;
         (l)   Statement dedicating all highways, streets, alleys and other public areas not previously dedicated as follows: streets, alleys and other public areas shown on this plat and not heretofore dedicated to public use are hereby so dedicated; and
         (m)   Statement establishing building setback lines as follows: building setback lines are hereby established as shown on the accompanying plat, and no building or portion thereof shall be built between this line and the street line.
      (3)   Filing fee. The final plat shall be accompanied by a fee as established by the Council. The fees to be used for the expense of the city in connection with the review, inspection, approval or disapproval of the plat which may thereafter be submitted;
      (4)   Certifications required.
         (a)   Notarized certification by owner and by any mortgage holder of record, of the adoption of the plat and the dedication of streets, roads and other public areas;
         (b)   Notarized certification by a registered land surveyor to the effect that the plat represents a survey made by him or her and that monuments and markers shown therein exist as located and that all dimensional and geodetic details are correct;
         (c)   Certification showing that all taxes and special assessments due on the property have been paid in full, if requested by the Council; and
         (d)   Space for certification of approval to be filled in by the signatures of the Chairperson of the Planning Commission and the Mayor.
            1.   The form of approval by the Planning Commission is as follows:
Approved by the Luverne City Planning Commission this                   day of                           , 20      .
            2.   The form of approval of the city is as follows:
Approved by the City of Luverne, Minnesota, this                     day of                                 , 20      .
City Administrator
      (5)   Supplementary. Supplementary documents and information may be required as follows:
         (a)   A complete set of street profiles showing grade lines as constructed; and
         (b)   Copies of any private restrictions affecting the subdivision or any part thereof.
      (6)   County/city recording and filing. Recording and filing of final plat with the county and the city shall be as follows.
         (a)   Upon completion of the requirements above and notation to the effect upon the final plat, it shall be deemed to have final approval and shall be properly signed by the appropriate officials as required by state statutes and may be filed by the applicant in the County Recorder’s office. A final plat not so filed and recorded within 90 days of the date upon which the plat is approved shall become null and void, unless the particular circumstances of the applicant warrants the Council to grant an extension which all not exceed 180 days.
         (b)   The subdivider shall furnish the City Administrator with one Mylar copy and five prints of the recorded final plat showing evidence of the recording.
(Prior Code, § 12.15)  (Ord. 149, New Series, effective 1-17-1975; Ord. 180, New Series, effective 1-19-1979)