§ 152.28  EASEMENTS.
   (A)   An easement for utilities at least six feet wide shall be provided along the side line of lots and/or the rear line of lots where necessary to form a continuous right-of-way, at least 12 feet in width. If necessary for the extension of main water or sewer lines or similar utilities, easements of greater width may be required along lot lines or across lots.
   (B)   Utility easements shall connect with easements established in adjoining properties. These easements, when approved, shall not thereafter be changed without the approval of the Council, by ordinance, upon the recommendation of the Planning Commission.
   (C)   Additional easements for pole guys should be provided at the outside of turns. Where possible, lot lines shall be arranged to bisect the exterior angle so that pole guys will fall along side lot lines.
   (D)   Where a subdivision contains or is traversed by a watercourse, drainage way, channel, lake or stream, a storm water easement, drainage right-of-way or park dedication, whichever the Planning Commission may deem the most adequate, conforming substantially with the lines of the watercourse, shall be provided, together with such further width or construction or both as will be adequate for the storm water drainage of the area. The width of the easements shall be determined by the City Engineer.
(Prior Code, § 12.10)