It shall be the duty of the owner of any building to be demolished, regardless of reason for the demolition, to secure a permit prior to commencement of any demolition activities. Applications shall be submitted to the office of the Building/Zoning Official for review. Following a review and acceptance of the proposed demolition, the Building/Zoning Official shall issue a permit and inform the applicant of any special provisions associated with the demolition activities. If the application is incomplete or denied, the Building/Zoning Official will inform the applicant as to the reason for denial and information required to complete the application. A notification of intent to perform a demolition shall be filed with the state’s Pollution Control Agency and approval of all plans and required inspections completed (if required) prior to commencement of any demolition activities for all structures regulated by the MPCA.
(Prior Code, § 4.09)  (Ord. 212, Third Series, effective 12-24-1998)