(A)   The Minnesota State Building Code, established pursuant to M.S. §§ 326B.101 to 326B.194, as they may be amended from time to time, allows the municipality to adopt by reference and enforce certain optional chapters of the most current edition of the Minnesota State Building Code.
   (B)   The following optional provisions identified in the most current edition of the State Building Code are hereby adopted and incorporated as part of the building code for the city:
      (1)   Grading Appendix Minnesota Building Code;
      (2)   Chapter 1335, Flood-Proofing Regulations, parts 1335.0600 to 1335.1200; and
      (3)   Current edition of the International Property Maintenance Code.
(Prior Code, § 4.011)  (Ord. 295, Third Series, effective 4-24-2008)