Upon information that noxious weeds as defined by the Ohio Director of Agriculture are growing on lands within the Village and are about to spread or mature seeds or that grass eight inches or more in height are growing on lands within the Village, Council, if it determines that the growth of noxious weeds and/or grass in that location constitutes a health hazard and/or nuisance to the occupants of neighboring property, shall cause a written notice to be served upon the owner, lessee, agent, or tenant having charge of such land, notifying him that noxious weeds or grass in excess of eight inches are growing on such lands and that they must be cut and destroyed within five days after the service of such notice. If the owner or other person having charge of the land is a non-resident of the Village whose address is known, the notice shall be sent to his address by certified mail. If the address of the owner or other person having charge of the land is unknown, it is sufficient to publish the notice once in a newspaper of general circulation in the county. The Chief of Police, Police Officer, Fiscal Officer, or a deputy, may make service and return of the notice in lieu of certified mail or publication for residents or non-residents.
(Ord. 475. Passed 8-8-90.)