183.02 LEVY.
   It is necessary to levy a continual annual municipal motor vehicle license tax beginning with the motor vehicle registrations for the registration year beginning on and after the 1st day of January, 1977, and then continually for the following registration years, at the rate of five dollars ($5.00) per motor vehicle on all motor vehicle the district of registration of which, as defined in Ohio R.C. 4503.10, is in the municipal corporation of Luckey, Ohio, all pursuant to Ohio R.C. 4504.06. Such tax shall be in addition to the taxes at the rate specified in Ohio R.C. 4503.04 and 4503.16, subject to quarterly reductions in the manner provided in Ohio R.C. 4503.13 and the exemptions provided in Ohio R.C. 4503.101, 4503.16, 4503.17, and 4503.171.
(Ord. 270. Passed 7-28-76.)