The following requirements shall apply to all timber harvesting operations in the Village of Lowellville:
   (a)   Points of access to or from timber harvesting sites shall be permitted only on streets which are classified as at least arterial streets.  The use of local or collector streets to access timber harvesting sites shall be prohibited.
   (b)   Buffer zones of at least fifty feet in width shall be provided adjacent to all site boundaries and all public streets and highways, within which the harvesting of not more than fifty feet of basal area per acre of buffer zone shall be permitted subject to maintaining a well-distributed stand of healthy trees.
   (c)   Felling or skidding on or across any public street or highway shall be prohibited without the written consent of the township, city, county or state agency responsible for maintenance of the street or highway.
   (d)   No tops or slash shall be left within twenty-five feet of any public street or highway.
   (e)   All tops and slash between twenty-five and fifty feet from a public street or highway within fifty feet adjoining residential property shall be lopped to a maximum height of four feet above the surface of the ground.
   (f)   No tops or slash shall be left on or across the boundary of any property adjoining the operation without the written consent of the owner thereof.
   (g)   Litter resulting from a timber harvesting operation shall be removed from the site before it is vacated by the operator.
   (h)   Timber harvesting and related activities shall be conducted only between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  prevailing time.
   (i)   Soil carried or washed onto public streets or highways during timber harvesting operations shall be removed daily by the operator.
      (Ord.  3940.  Passed 6-13-18.)