(a)   Council declares it necessary to authorize and permit the Lowellville Fire Department to answer emergency calls when assistance is requested or needed by the following neighboring municipalities or any person residing in such adjacent areas as follows: Village of Poland; Poland Township; Boardman Township; Coitsville Township; City of Struthers; City of Youngstown; and City of Campbell.
   (b)   The Clerk-Treasurer is hereby directed to certify to the Industrial Commission of Ohio that all personnel in the Lowellville Fire Department are subject to the provisions of this section so that each member of the Department shall be protected by the provisions of the Industrial Commission Act of Ohio.
(Ord. 1687.  Passed 11-27-74.)
   (c)   Council hereby further authorizes the Lowellville Fire Department to answer emergency fire calls in the State of Pennsylvania.
(Ord. 1916.  Passed 4-26-78.)