(a)   Whenever there are moneys in the Village treasury which shall not be required to be used by the Village for a period of six months or more, such moneys may be invested in the manner and in accordance with the limitations prescribed in Ohio R.C. 731.56 and 731.57.
   (b)   The Mayor, Solicitor and Clerk-Treasurer shall constitute the Treasury Investment Board, as provided in Ohio R.C. 731.57.  The Clerk-Treasurer shall maintain an account to be known as the "Treasury Investment Account" and in which he shall enter all transactions relating to the investment of treasury funds, as provided in Ohio R.C. 731.56 and 731.57.  The Clerk-Treasurer shall also maintain a record and shall be able to furnish at all times such information as is required and outlined in Ohio R.C. 731.58.
   (c)   All securities belonging to the Village treasury shall be kept in the manner prescribed by Ohio R.C. 731.59.
   (d)   Before any moneys are invested, as hereinabove provided, the Mayor, Solicitor and Clerk-Treasurer, as the officers having charge of such investments under the provisions of Ohio R.C. 731.59, shall each post an additional bond in the amount of five thousand dollars ($5,000).  The Village Clerk-Treasurer is hereby authorized to pay the premium balance on such bonds.
(Ord. 1236.  Passed 12-14-65.)