(a)   The Clerk-Treasurer of the Village is hereby appointed the prevailing wage coordinator for the Village as required by Ohio R.C. 4115.071.
   (b)   The duties of the public wage coordinator shall be as follows:
      (1)   Setting up and maintaining, available for public inspection, files of payroll reports submitted by contractors and subcontractors pursuant to Ohio R.C. Chapter 4115;
      (2)   Ascertaining from each contractor or subcontractor, at the beginning of performance under the contract, the dates during its life when payments of wages to employees are to be made;
      (3)   Receiving from each contractor or subcontractor, a copy of his complete payroll for each date exhibiting for each employee paid any wages, his name, current address, Social Security number, number of hours worked each day during the pay period and the total for each week, his hourly rate of pay, his job classification, fringe payments and deductions from his wages;
      (4)   Establishing and following procedures to monitor the compliance by each contractor and subcontractor with the requirement imposed by this section for timely filing of copies of payroll records; and
      (5)   Reporting any delinquency in filing to the chief officer of the contracting public authority.
         (Ord. 1884.  Passed 11-23-77.)